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Dorobanti Complex

Feasibility Study

Project Team Member at DSBA

The study was an alternative for a current proposal of a tower on the site situated on `Calea Dorobanti` Avenue, near `Piata Romana` Square in the center of Bucharest.

The site being in a historic area of Bucharest, the urban regulations therefore implied more restrictions in terms of volumes, heights, setbacks and materials.

Also on the site there are present 3 existing monument buildings, which cannot be demolished. We have chosen to integrate those buildings into our proposal.

Our concept was based on an urban element specific to 19th century old Bucharest, and that is „the gang“, as a pedestrian walkway and a place for socialising. In this sense the ground floor is crossed by walkways accesible from the streets with commercial spaces and vertical circulations.

The second element which generated our solution was given by the need of completing the street fronts. In this spirit we have appealed to a contemporary architectural element`the cantilever` as a tool to reach the street fronts above the existing buildings.

The final volume contains at the first underground floor, ground floor and mezzanine the commercial center and above this podium, the two cantilever volumes sustains the office spaces.

For aesthetic issues, we have developed our study in variants, further there will be presented 3 from those alternatives.

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