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Green Urban Condensor

ENTRY - ISOVER International Student Competition 2011

5th Year Eco-Technology Studio Project

The first element that generated my solution was the need of a green promenade from the Battery Park to my site, which is situated above the street level because the promenade itself creates a natural filter between the pedestrian walkways of it and the cars that are below (at the street level).

The tower has a cellular structure made out of boxes which sustains different functions.

The major functions of the tower are: the base of the tower along with the green promenade contains public functions, the first package of levels are offices, the second business fashion hotel, the third is a student hotel and the fourth is the residential area.

This primary tower of boxes is modeled by the green spiral, which continues the green promenade from the Battery Park, on the entire tower height. The green spiral has some increadible features, like: to ensure a natural ventilation of the interior spaces, to create small greenhouses on each level and to enable a good purification system of the rainwater collected at the top of the building.

At the top of the building I conceived a mega-installation with a structure made of circular tubes thru which rainwater is collected and directed to the tower base on the green spiral (while the rainwater descends, it is purified and cleaned by the vegetation and other tech systems). Those tubes also sustains small wind propellers, that generates electricity.

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