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Terraforming Orlando

FINALIST, Envision 2040 International Competition

The study "Terraforming Orlando" goes beyond the well established and innovative strategy put together by the municipality, to transform the city into a sustainable and an eco-friendly one.

The proposal envisions a possible process of developing the urban area based on the current "green" initiatives, to an urban habitat in harmony with what belongs to the nature.

The study proposes an environment well balanced between technology, sustainable instruments applied to improve and to make the city "greener", and an urban human consciousness, lifestyle, policy, and...nature.

Besides implementing all the technological and conventional "devices“, like solar heating panels, photovoltaic panels, trash street recycling machines, hybrid and electric public transportation, the project appeals to the terraforming process, of using the natural resources, that City of Orlando already have.

The suite of lakes surrounding and inhabiting the urban area of the city are connected through water channels, under a grid layout.

The network formed by the water channels creates a natural system at the urban scale: it generates natural ventilation, brings fresh air into the city, provides water for consumption, improves the quality of the vegetation and supports and intense tree planting.

The water grid layout creates on the one hand, a touristic and loisir system, since the channels are navigable, and on the other hand, a possible transportation method...similar to Venice.

The study propose an intense urban-farming development, made out with light steel structures, built above the existing buildings.

The vertical urban-farms compose a suite of entities which defines a new and organic skyline for the city and it generates the necessary quantity of fresh food, for the people.

By building the urban farm system, a balance within the poverty will be established, by creating new work places for the unfortunates, and by providing to all the citizens fresh and organic food.

The water network provides non-stop to the vertical farming, fresh water for irrigation.

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