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ENTRY, eVolo 2013 Competition

A WALL usually separates: objects, rooms, activity spaces, apartments, offices and even...people. A WALL succeeded once to split a nation (The Berlin WALL), another WALL defended a nation (The Great WALL of China) and became one of the world wonders. It is possible for a WALL to unify?! and not to separate or defend; but instead to bring together individuals, to create a shelter for them.

I was thinking about this idea of connecting people all around the globe; is it possible? I've started to analyze the possibility of linking individuals > families > cities > countries to each other. For equal and fair opportunities offered to all of us (from Africa to America)...a continuous and unique shelter/a structure for all of us to live in.

I chosen the WALL as an ironic and sarcastic element but yet a strong and efficient tool to sustain my idea. I imagine a WALL structure all around the globe, where every nation can find their place. A linear and continuous monument modulated in segments - which can sustain up to 2000 individuals each, plus their day-by-day activities. Each segment is connected with the next one, forming a continuous space and where mobility is ensured by public transportation (airplanes and trains).

Rather then expending our habitats vertically, trying to touch the sky and segregate individuals in layers, why not expend our living structures horizontally, connecting individuals on the same layer. Instead of building skyscrapers, I was thinking to build a WALLscraper...a WORLDscraper.

A WALL usually separates...but this WALL unifies.

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