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Concert Hall on Dambovita River

Proposal for an extra 2000-seats concert hall near `Operetta Theater`

Project Team Member at DSBA

`The Story of a Rock on Dambovita River`

The site for the new 2000-seats Concert Hall Building is next to Bucharest‘s new cultural and social hub - `National Public Mediatheque`, on Dambovita River, in the heart of the city, near `Piata Unirii` Square.

Our proposal is meant to be an extension to the future `Operetta Theater` (part of the National Public Mediatheque ensemble), and oriented to Dambovita River.

Our concept was to design a very efficient functionally `shoe-box` type for the concert hall, which is grafted with the `rock` volum specific to any river.

The `rock` volume is actually a tridimensional metal structure closed with glass panels, which holds the entrances, the foyers - which floats in the interior of the `rock` and connected by the main stairs that starts from the entrance lobby and arrives on the last floor, the restaurant area, situated above the `shoe-box“`.

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