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Crane Crab Terminal

ENTRY, New Keelung Harbor Service Building International Competition 2012

Project Team Member at DSBA

The concept for the new harbor facility is based on the following targets:
- a PARK with a lot of greenery instead of the suffocating concrete of the harbor, so that an unexpected image can be achieved.
- a CRANE as a remembrance (Genius Loci).
- a CRAB as a metaphor.

The area at the ground floor will be liberated of the existing buildings and functions. All the functions will be lifted up, gesture will ensures that CCT (Crane Crab Terminal) will have MOBILITY and DYNAMISM instead of a static construction.

The connection between the CCT and ground floor or the deck level of the ship will be made using an intermediate BRIDGE / FINGER, which will be adjustable vertically and horizontally.

CCT is a metallical mega-structure, with: 4 legs (vertical structural and circulatory towers accommodating stairs and elevators), a volume with 2 intermediate floors (starting at +20m) for departures and arrivals and a volume with 4 top floors (up until +70m) for offices, restaurants and a top outdoor garden.

CCT is a mega-module, which can be displaced across the park, from an extreme south-westerly position (street) to an extreme north-easterly position (water). It services and connects all functions of the surrounding elements: the future mall, the proposed park, the parking spaces, the quay and the ships.

The tracks on which the CCT moves on are protected while it is moving along them by a retractable balustrades. The movement sensors move up and down according to the timing direction.

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